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Thousands of injuries occur from warehouse safety negligence annually. The unfortunate truth is that the warehousing industry has numerous potential health and safety hazards that confront employees and contractors daily, such as incorrect handling of materials, risky handling of industrial machinery and even small slips and trips.

Warehouse Safety Tips reveals industry secrets on health and safety in the warehousing industry. The book discusses preventative maintenance, hazard management, and corrective action. It also focuses on the preemptive factors such as warehouse inspection, hiring policy, and drug and alcohol guidelines, and aftermath issues such as first aid treatment and incident investigation.

Author Barbara Semeniuk suggests preventative equipment and training that managers should invest in to prevent frequent injury and loss, including a number of preventative measures, including fire safety, employee discipline, lockout methods, forklift and power jack use, and more.

Warehouse Safety Tips is the "safest" investment towards a casualty-free warehouse.

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Why you need this book now:

Saves Money

Save Money

Neglect for warehouse safety results in minor incidents like slips and trips. However, a single incident, unresolved or left unchecked, can bankrupt your company. Fines can begin at $500,000 and easily exceed $1 million. This book will help reduce costs from accidents, fines, and professional consultation fees that can amount to $1000s!

Save Time and Hassle

Save Time & Hassle

Time is important. Don't let unnecessary accidents and safety violations create the hassle of increased inspections and incident reports. Barbara's experience offers savings of countless hours. Let her expertise save your warehouse from the slightest incident that can cripple your operation with insurance bills, productivity loss, and fines.

Reduce Hazards

Reduce Hazards

Prevention is key to health and safety in the warehousing industry. The preventative warehousesafety measures in this manual will diminish the risk of hazards to ensure the welfare, and safety of your employees, simply because they matter. Learn to spot the hazards and fix them before tragedy happens. The injury you prevent could be yours.

Prevent Accidents

Prevent Accidents

Warehouse disasters are often more severe than other industries. They can result in serious injury and death at times, due to blocked fire exits or improper use of industrial machinery. Barbara's Warehouse Safety Tips can prevent tragedy and save your employees' lives from unassuming shelves and pallets. Take action today to prevent the worst.

What safety professionals are saying

Barbara's vast knowledge in injury prevention and cutting edge safety technologies allows her to make recommendations that are best suited for our company. As always, Barbara has given us more than our money's worth
Cotsco Wholesale
Betty MacNichol
Costco Wholesale
Very professional and unbiased, Warehouse Safety Tips recommended some changes that resulted in increased efficiency. This book is full of information for our company that we may not have found without her assistance.
Triple Random Inc
Glenda Palmer
Triple Random Inc
Ventures West Transport LP recommends Warehouse Safety Tips and Barbara Semeniuk to perform the COR Audit or develop your safety program, and is confident that you will be more than satisfied with the results.
Ventures West Transport
Ray Archer
Ventures West Transport

Barbara Semeniuk

About the Author

Author of Warehouse Safety Tips: How small changes can save you big, Barbara Semeniuk, is a a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE). She is an exceptionally well educated Industrial Health and Safety professional, with 18 years of experience in the trucking, retail, and oilfield industries. She has helped hundreds of clients find solutions to the worst problems concerning workplace safety. Barbara's work in Industrial Health and Safety has resolved countless health and safety issues and pressing problems in the warehouse setting.

With a passion for preventions, Barbara Semeniuk created this world-class warehouse safety program to help companies aspire to a culture of exceptional health and safety within their warehouses. In line with Barbara's life mission, Warehouse Safety Tips helps successfully close the door on accidents to employees, contractors, equipment or even you.

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Word from the author

I wrote Warehouse Safety Tips to assist companies in creating a living document for their operations that incorporates proven health and safety elements like Management Leadership & Commitment, Safe Work Practices and Safe Job Procedures. This is the most affordable insurance that you can buy to protect your most important asset, your people.

I guarantee that you will be satisfied or I will gladly send your money back.

Barbara Semeniuk, BSc. CRSP
President, Purcell Enterprises Ltd

Take a warehouse safety sneak peak

Warehouse Safety Tips- How Small Changes can Save You Big is a world-class health and safety program for the warehousing industry, authored by Industry Health and Safety expert and prevention authority, Barbara Semeniuk. Control your losses and your destiny with this simple and easy step-by-step system to develop a warehouse safety culture that can bring an end to accidents, incidents, and equipment damage.

Inside, you will find great information on a huge assortment of topics related to creating a safer warehouse. Click on the pictures to discover just a few samples of some of the topics covered:

  • Safe Work Procedures To implement
  • Conducting an accident investigation
  • Dealing with workplace violence & harassment
  • Best Practices with Personal Protective Equipment
  • First Aid & Emergency Response Planning
  • Warehouse Environmental Issues